Sufism and Suprarationality: The Cognitive Aspects of Islamic Mysticism

Host: Dr. Raid Al-Daghistani (ZIT, University of Münster)

Contact: Dr. Raid Al-Daghistani, raid.aldaghistani@uni.muenster.de

ZOOM-Code: https://wwu.zoom-x.de/j/68440994551

The online lecture series explores various insights drawn from mystical experiences within the Islamic tradition and focuses on analyzing meta-rational forms of mystical knowledge in Sufism, their conditions, functions, and ways of expression.

All videos from the lecture series can be accessed here. The final lecture „Ni’matullāhi Sufis in 18. and 19. Century: Relationship between Exoteric and Esoteric Knowledge“, will be available on July 8, 2024.

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